An article by Severine Grosjean

With a visionary perspective, alternative spaces bring information, enjoyment and delights to the city. They justify the production of visual art projects from around the world. There is now an urgency for alternative spaces to reflect on their existences and political agencies relative of their local community. 

Founded by the curator, artist and researcher Ellen Pau, Videotage is one of the most fundamental new media art institutions in the Greater China region with a perpetual commitment to serving artists and communities in Hong Kong. Videotage conceives new media art as a cultural movement that brings art and technology productions to nodes of intersections in the digital and network era. Founded in 1986, Videotage has evolved from an artist-run collective to an influential network, supporting creative use of media art to explore, investigate and connect with issues that are of significant social, cultural, and historical value. Dedicated to nurturing emerging media artists and developing the local media arts community, Videotage has organized numerous media arts events and programs while developing an extensive offline and online video art archive (VMAC). The network is hotbed of creativity and innovation, where artist, technologist, academia, practitioner from both private and public spheres, actively engage with technology and address contemporary social, political and cultural concerns. They continue exploring how citizen media and social media reshape humankind in the era of network culture. Videotage support to media artist and general public for the development of media art and strengthen the position of Videotage as a cultural hub of knowledge transfer for art, culture and technology in the local, regional and international regime.

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