An article by Severine Grosjean.

Surprise! Art can be found just about anywhere, even in the unlikeliest of places. We scour the city beyond the mainstream art galleries, to reveal the quaint shops and venues doubling up as art spaces. From independent shops to coffee shops, you can soak up some culture without venturing into high-end galleries.

TongLau Space  is an Artist Run space, founded by Noelle Ng Polin,  provides opportunities for motivated local and overseas artists to create and show case their works, create workshop for sharing skill and exchange through art.  We expect more and wait for you to make them happen!

Tong Lau which mean an old architectural residence building in Hong Kong. The reason of TongLau Space set up in a residential building,  we believe history, life and art can not be separated. We create a relax and comfort living studio workshop artist in residency exhibition+ sharing space not only for artist to stay and live but also for enhancing art and cultural exchange and sharing of ideas in contemporary art. TongLau Space is a new Artist Run association, to bring lively AIR program to Hong Kong and to create more choices and opportunities for artists from overseas.

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