Zico House

Yammout Building، Spears St, Beirut, Lebanon

Welcome to Zico House – the home of the finest artists from all places in the globe. We feature talented performers and artists who excel in their craft both here and abroad. Zico stands for the home of the most zealous, ingenious, creative, and outstanding artists. We give the public an opportunity to see these individuals and groups who are oozing with talents and skills which is the main reason why they excel in their respective fields in the music and the arts

Zico House is more than just a theater where people can watch their favorite artists. It is a house that promotes culture. It is our vision that through their performances or various works of art, we are able to let others catch a glimpse of the artists’ beliefs and ways of life. We are able to spread awareness about other people’s culture and promote celebration of diversity, individuality, and inclusivity.

Active or inactive : Active
Country : Lebanon
City / Town : Beirut
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Online : Click here
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