Voa Stretscha 2 Zorten CH

Z(orten) invites you to spend time while being there.

Z(orten) is an artist’s playground, with the opportunity to use the barn, the land, the village, the forest and the Tobelbach to work on individual and collaborative projects and experiments. Z(orten) itself, as a project forms the framework of the work created on site, which conveys, connects and continually promotes participation.

Z(orten) is a part of the everyday life and togetherness: cooking, eating, washing dishes, shopping in Lain, planting the vegetables and weeding, planting fruit trees, mowing steep slopes, cutting bushes, mending chimneys, reinforcing roofs, carrying rubbish, fetching stones, rebuilding the stable. It requires effort and an enjoyment of the growth of this space which is situated on one of the most scenic mountain views.

Z(orten) is a summer meeting place, open to exchange, dialogue, network and quality of life.

Active or inactive : Inactive
Country : Switzerland
City / Town : Zorten
Online : Click here
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