Wyspa Institute of Art

Wyspa Institue of Art Doki 1/145 B 80-958 Gdańsk PL

The ambition of the Wyspa Institute of Art, as well as its mission, is to play a stimulating role in the post-shipyard area, both intellectually and artistically, thus incorporating its programme within the discussion on the historical role of this area. Wyspa has always been finding links between the area itself and the history of independent art movements of Gdańsk, on the one hand, and the contemporary and innovative artistic practice on the other. Therefore, its activity runs along two parallel lines: the one representing the interest of culture and that of a widely understood public interest. This way the Institute is co-creating a new and dynamic, creative and contemporary society of the prospective Young City district.

Wyspa co-operates with numerous international art, research and educational institutions. At the same time, with regard to master development plan for the Young City area, the Institute is open to activities which can integrate all entities working in this area and consolidate the future city centre with its historic part. Wyspa plays an important role as a mediator in the shaping process of a new image of this area of the city. The programme of the Institute assumes such activities which will be clearly context-based in social, historical, public and aesthetic domains. The Institute has been and will be the laboratory of social relations in a new district of Gdańsk.

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