WORM Gallery

Valparaíso, Valparaiso Region, Chile

Worm – Cantera de Arte Independiente

Worm, is a street, political and Buenos Aires action, which accidentally found a place in a poor neighbourhood in Valparaíso. A neighbourhood that is similar in its poverty to 90% of the country that has no access to art, that receives poor education and only works to survive.

From this place, Worm invites artists to work in his own house, a house that is divided into pieces for art and pieces for people, temporary, spontaneous and urgent divisions, just as almost all the building that invents a kind of economy is structured of war. Between lunch and dinner, some drunkenness, casual meetings, exhibitions, interventions and artistic residences, our history has been built on the basis of friendship and conversations, between Chileans and foreigners, between friends and enemies, between artists, gasfiters, carpenters, writers, painters, street vendors, cultural managers, homeless people, academics, etc.

Active or inactive : Active
Country : Chile
City / Town : Valparaíso
Online : Click here
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