124 Avenue Gallieni, 93170 Bagnolet, France

For three years, day and night, The Wonder was located in a shut down facility, in Saint-Ouen, north of Paris. The association reshaped an old battery factory in its own image, making it a timeless place, inhabited by, and structured for multidisciplinary artists. However, the Wonder had to close on December 24th 2016.

As early as the next day, a reduced team of Wonder members agreed to move in a 6-floor tall building in Bagnolet, east of Paris. They immediately started rearranging the location. Thus, the Wonder/Liebert was born. The new team was made of nine artists, all driven by the same ideal of action and autonomy. Since then, they have been pulling weeds, ploughing,
sowing and watering this old office building. Here, they have been cultivating a creation-oriented environment, that is soon to host as many as fifty-five artists. This is what you could call an artist-run space.

We see it as a garden, sometimes as an urban park, sometimes as a garden of Adonis, and sometimes as a family garden. The Wonder/Liebert is, first and foremost, an ecosystem reinventing itself, day after day.

This collective space is therefore located in the outskirts of Paris, just near the Parisian ring road, and is therefore, by definition, a margin both socially and geographically. The Wonder/Liebert is an independent, free, and experimental place. Proud of its position and commitment, it gathers many projects, ranging from creation to exhibition, driven by ever more ambitious artists.

The Wonder/Liebert is a statement on the need to change and retake control of the cultural system, made by and for artists, and it is a part of a model being invented today.

Active or inactive : Active
Country : France
City / Town : Paris
Online : Click here
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