Window of Fame

Weststrasse 136, 8003 Zürich, Switzerland
The art space WINDOW OF FAME was founded by the two artists Marianne Mettler and Tibor Foeldes as an independent, non-profit, off-space for contemporary art and performance.
The projects in the art space Window of FAME are not group exhibitions in the usual sense, they are works of art that interact with the space. On two days a year (on the first Thursday in April and the first Thursday in October), the WINDOW OF FAME art space opens its doors to the general public. Between these two Jour fix already the planning and the artist contacts take place for the next opening. During this time, WINDOW OF FAME functions as a studio, workshop and architecture office. The Kunstraum is planning its projects each April for the next 12 months.
The WINDOW OF FAME committee invites between 10 and 15 artists to come together with a theme given by Window of Fame. It creates individual, interdisciplinary works of art. Integrated into the Kunstraum, the works enter into an exciting dialogue with each other and merge with the Kunstraum to form a Gesamtkunstwerk.
For the artistic directors and initiators of the WINDOW OF FAME project, the promotion of cultural exchange and the development of art projects are part of their self-image. It is important to them that new and exciting things get a showroom. An art space, if it is to have relevance in the temporal discourse, must constantly stage itself anew and is in constant flux.
Active or inactive : Active
Country : Switzerland
City / Town : Zurich
Online : Click here
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