De Constant Rebecqueplein 20b The Hague NL

Wander, born from the former DCR Gueststudio’s, represents an innovative AiR format that provides a custom-made cultural framework for each guest.
Mobilization, internationalization and network expansion are key in Wander’s ambition. Wander offers time and space for research, knowledge exchange and coorperation. There will be less pressure to focus on the production of art, but more attention to research and network expansion so the guest gets the opportunity to be rooted in the cultural field of The Hague.

Wander focuses on bringing together various international professionals from the artworld through exchange, partnerships and hospitality. With linking the international resident to a national art professional we aim to create a ‘give&take’ priciple that produces a special experience for both parties. We therefore not only provide residencies for artists, but seek resident combinations with curators, writers, philosophers, anthropologists and scientists. Through various partnerships with cultural organizations within and outside The Hague, we strive for the exchange of knowledge and stimulation of the various networks.

In short, with the residency format as way, Wander works as mediator to stimulate the relationship between cultural professionals, cultural organisations and the public. Check DCR Gueststudio’s for more information about the former organisation.

Active or inactive : Inactive
Country : The Netherlands
City / Town : The Hague
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