Villa de Bank

Espoortstraat 182 7511 CM Enschede Netherlands

Kunstruimte Villa de Bank was founded in 1985, since that time Villa de Bank has built up an (international) reputation within the art world thanks to a consistent exhibition policy. Art space Villa de Bank brings young artists into the limelight who make innovative work that is of a high quality and represents various disciplines and styles of modern visual art. In this way, Villa de Bank wants to be a springboard for publicity and recognition for these artists. In addition to the young artists, from time to time renowned artists can be seen to clarify the framework from which they work. The history of Villa de Bank proves that this formula actually works, a large number of now renowned artists have had their first exhibition in Villa de Bank.

Active or inactive : Active
Country : The Netherlands
City / Town : Enschede
Online : Click here
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