Unfinished Art Space


Unfinished Art Space is an independent, artist-run, nomadic space, working with artists to show experimental and contemporary art in Malta. It is a proactive project, that wants to re-mould the art scene in Malta into something that is more innovative, and open, giving artists a space to experiment within their community and to exhibit to a broad audience.
Unfinished Art Space is a sustainable, independent organisation, that believes in the development, creation and dissemination of contemporary art and artistic research and knowledge.

Unfinished Art Space works with an open collaborative ethos, creating opportunities for artists, facilitating the creation of contemporary art, and encouraging risk-taking in contemporary art-practice in a local context.
For the time-being, Unfinished Art Space is ‘unfinished’ and does not have its own space, but operates flexibly and nomadically.

Active or inactive : Active
Country : Malta
City / Town : Malta
Online : Click here
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