Studiestræde 13, 1455 København K, Denmark

Exhibition Space TYS is a new non-profit artist-driven exhibition platform in the center of Copenhagen.
It is constituted as an association with board of art professionals and visual artist Signe Vad as manager.

TYS wants to provide space to develop an artistic language of radical otherness. The platform’s main purpose is to challenge established methods of thought, theory and standards, to fulfill the vacancy of aesthetic rethinking.
The purpose of the TYS exhibition platform is to create new synergies and disrupt established cultural and mental architectures.

TYS will develop methods to achieve these ends, mainly inspired by other self- organized schemes and institutions both in Denmark and abroad.
We will emphasize the construction of a lively environment around the exhibition site. It is our goal to ensure that the premises are accessible for multiple purposes. Therefore, TYS will cooperate with a variety of relevant organizations and institutions, while arranging events and webstream-presentations on important issues affecting current political and cultural situations.
The premises have professional standards and will host exhibitions and projects emanating both from niches, the growth layer, and from established and/or elderly artists.


Active or inactive : Inactive
Country : Denmark
City / Town : Copenhagen
Online : Click here
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