The Ultra Laboratory

8, rue Hafid Ibrahim Gautier Casablanca 20060 Morocco Casablanca Morocco

The Ultra Laboratory is an independent artist / art space centered on research and experimentation based in Casablanca. It was founded by artist Rita Alaoui .
In this space, the public is invited to know and appropriate the whole process that leads to the birth of a work. The leitmotiv of the laboratory is the collective spirit and the exchange through times of research and dissemination on projects highlighting the transversalities between contemporary art and the functioning of the human being within the society. Its mission is to bring about changes in the local culture and society with the support of partners and foundations interested in the process of experimentation. The main goal is to break the boundaries between the work of art and the public, and to cross the points of view of intellectuals, artists, thinkers, architects and locals to understand our time and think the future of our Companies.
To bring out the desire for art and reflection, to invite the creation and to open the gaze on a better world in mutation.

Active or inactive : Inactive
Country : Morocco
City / Town : Casablanca
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