The Orphanage Gallery

73 N Dutoit St, Dayton, OH 45402, USA

The Orphanage Gallery was created in 2017 to show local artist works in Dayton, Ohio. Since that time it has evolved to include artist around the world. The gallery space does not have commissions or submissions fees and was created to be a new gallery model. Since its beginning it has helped artist place there work before the general public and has helped artist raise funds from the sales of there works. All of the artist shown keep 100% of any sale of there artwork. In 2019 the gallery helped artist sell over 450 works. The back space of The Orphanage was transformed in to a secondary art space called US and Them which shows newer artist and it has helped artist sell over 150 works this year.

Active or inactive : Active
Country : United States
City / Town : Dayton
Online : Click here
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