The Northern Charter

5, Commercial Union House, 39 Pilgrim St, Newcastle upon Tyne NE1 6QE, UK

She says I thought something like A Space to Fail?
What about Back to Square None?
An experimental…
no…laboratory has connotations of great discoveries…
…instead of applied failure?
Yes, she says.
Failure could be structured…could be factored in.
Why This Will Never Work, you know?
Or what about Die Trying?

They go back to the form
and the five coffee rings
on page twenty-seven,
from where they can’t get
past the section.
Then they talk more generally
about arts applications, mostly
and she says, I know it’s awful,
these tropes of creative language
(so-called) HORRIBLE!
I see what you mean, she says and yet some words…
I know, like VISION! I mean, she says,
that is before they were annexed.
You can’t use vision any more!
Can you use CREATIVE even?
Creative Hub?
Creative Vision?
But, really, she says, the language is so…
Yes, no! infectious.
It seeps into actual…thinking.
I agree, she says and by extension
could tap in to the work itself…
…the artist as a walking institution.
Let’s not get into…
There is a pause.
She draws a luminous star
with the highlighter.
Out, down on the street, the exhausted hydraulics of a bus, exhaling…
One phrase, i mean,
the only phrase really I like
is ‘Support in Kind’
Do you know what i mean?
Exactly. It’s lovely sounding.
It’s pretty isn’t it?
Yes. Three little words…

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City / Town : Newcastle
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