The M{ }esum

Jonasstrasse 57 12053 Berlin DE

The M{ }esum, is widely considered to be the world’s greatest museum of lost human history and culture. The collection includes objects which date from ancient times, to the present day and beyond, in virtually every category. From missing masterpieces, to the unpublished and undone. From the burned down Great Library of Alexandria, to your lost socks. From the celebrated and the renowned, to the un-applauded or forgotten. The M{ }esum contains innumerable sets of objects, many unknown, it is thus impossible to determine the collection’s size with any certainty. Nonetheless, since the M{ }esum specialises in all things lost, in theory the collection is always complete, even when parts are missing.

The exact location of the M{ }esum is debatable, yet details of sightings and possible M{ }esum portals have been recorded in many places, most recently in Berlin.

Active or inactive : Inactive
Country : Germany
City / Town : Berlin
Online : Click here
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