Donaustraße 84, 12043 Berlin, Germany

The Institute for Endotic Research (TIER) began in 2015 as a fictional institution understood as a habitable sculpture. It has since brought different practices together, namely architecture, art, meditation and curation, to foster a transdisciplinary approach. Its experimental program has been composed of series of workshops, seminars and public events to act as a support-structure, articulating collaborations with architects, scientists, artists, choreographers, philosophers, curators, cooks and others. is a continuation of that project and was founded in spring 2018 as a virtual site and a physical location. This endotic institution will serve as a host for TIER’s program in its many different forms, continually adapted and re-tooled for new uses. will become a basis for experimenting with forms of institutionalization mediated through encounters between people, materials and devices.

Active or inactive : Active
Country : Germany
City / Town : Berlin
Online : Click here
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