The Carrack

947 E Main St, Durham, NC 27701, USA

The Carrack is an artist-centered, volunteer-run, zero-commission exhibition and performance space in Durham, North Carolina. The space hosts a new exhibition every two weeks as well as frequent performances, workshops, and creative gatherings. The Carrack is devoted to providing opportunities for artists who are: emerging and seeking inaugural exhibition space, experimenting and seeking a departure from an established art practice, producing work that is radical in content and/or imagery, creating temporal, site-specific work, seeking a central gathering space and community that is unbounded by discipline, age, class, race, gender or other identities.
All artists and organizers use The Carrack for free and keep 100% of what they make from sales if they choose to sell their work. The Carrack is entirely funded by grassroots donations.

Active or inactive : Inactive
Country : United States
City / Town : Durham
Telephone : 91920294-8605
Online : Click here
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