Tamtam Art

Weichselstr.8 10247 Berlin Germany

tamtamART is an association for the advancement of Taiwanese Contemporary Art in Germany ( TAMTAM 8 Kunstraum – Verein zur foerderung taiwanesischer Gegenwartskunst in Deutschland ) and also an open space dedicated to arts and culture, located at Friedrichshain on the east side of Berlin, where used to be East Germany and now has transformed into a neighborhood of young people and non-profit galleries. At tamtamART, we hope not only to create free, open, and diversified conversations, but also to develop a cross-culture and cross-field exchanging art center. The tamtamART group are from different fields including visual arts, music, photography, theater, art history, and cultural studies. We intend to build up new thoughts and concepts and to form a unique style of tamtamART through conversations with local audiences in Berlin and artists and curators from other parts of the world.

Active or inactive : Active
Country : Germany
City / Town : Berlin
Online : Click here
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