Suns and Stars

Scheepstimmermanstraat 23, 1019 WT Amsterdam, Netherlands

Suns and Stars Exhibitions accommodates large scale exhibitions at places of cultural and historical value. These ‘location inspired exhibitions’ raise awareness of both our cultural heritage and contemporary art. We move fluidly around the drastically shifting art world, looking for new and open spaces. It is vital to engage others in this process of development, so we reach out to individuals and organisations that operate beyond the field of the visual arts. For every new project we invite and carefully select new artists. The architecturally interesting buildings inspire the selected artists to make site-specific or site-responsive work; uncompromised, contemporary and relevant art.

Note: this is a migrating initiative, with main office at the address below. See website for exhibition information

Active or inactive : Active
Country : The Netherlands
City / Town : Amsterdam
Online : Click here
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