studio omstand

Van Oldenbarneveldtstraat 92-A, 6827 AN Arnhem, Netherlands

is an artists’ initiative and a cultural organization for contemporary visual arts. We focus on exciting, challenging and autonomous artistic expressions in which the investigative aspect plays an important role. We organize, among other things, exhibitions in which a visual, energetic field of tension between the spectators and the art (and others) is paramount. We offer artists exhibition space at special locations and challenge artists to develop new work or present the existing work in a new context, taking into account exhibition circumstances. Omstand wants not only to show artists the work but to let the artist play the widest possible role: as a curator, researcher, theorist, designer, critic, etc. It is a personal trajectory between the artist, the spaces of Omstand and the supervisors of Omstand. For Omstand it is important that artists with whom Omstand enter into a relationship also have an eye for the work of other artists. We also stimulate collaboration between artists themselves. We do this by asking artists to take on the role of curator. In practice, Omstand functions as a partner. The compilation and curating of exhibitions is done together. This applies to participating artists as well as (guest) curators, where they work together and in good consultation. We share responsibility for the end product with the organizations and people that Omstand involves in the implementation of its program. Sometimes it is only limited to giving feedback or advice, but the end result can also result in a presentation in our exhibition program.

Active or inactive : Active
Country : The Netherlands
City / Town : Arnhem
Online : Click here
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