Siewierska 6, Warszawa, Poland

STROBOSKOP is a site for experimentation and risk-taking, it is an alternative to the local and national Polish art scene. Our mission is to promote new and challenging projects, and to initiate cooperation with other exploratory spaces both within Poland and abroad.  Stroboskop focuses mainly on cooperation with emerging artists, however we are first and foremost concerned with being an opportunity for our artists to push beyond their own borders and boundaries. Stroboskop is an off-space that fills the gap that exists in the art scene, between powerful public institutions and private galleries.

Stroboskop is artist-run space, founded in 2016 by Agnieszka Delman and Norbert DelmanKatie Zazenskijoined the team in January, 2018. Martyna Stołpiec is our newest member, joining us officially in June 2019.

Active or inactive : Active
Country : Poland
City / Town : Warsaw
Online : Click here
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