Dorotheenstrabe 30, 10117 Berlin DE

Stedefreund is a project by twelve Berlin artists who share the idea of a collecting point for thematic and spatial interventions, for artistic statements and positions.

The starting point for its conceptual individual and group presentations is the notion of space, which plays various roles in the work of Stedefreund. The exploration of this theme touches on urban and artistic space, spheres of activity, realms of perception, the political and cultural arenas, social space and abstract/visionary/imaginary space. It views the issue in both practical-concrete and abstract-philosophical terms.

These different aspects are reflected in Stedefreund’s events: the exhibitions, artistic works, openings or discussions, led by the project’s director Anne Fäser, always relate to one or more of these meanings of the concept of space.

Stedefreund was founded in 2006 by 20 artists. The first exhibition space – a prefab in Rosenthaler Straße in Berlin/Mitte – developed over two years into a significant place for interventions, which were not restricted to the interiors. From March 2009 to July 2011 Stedefreund used a warehouse and its surroundings at Dorotheenstraße 30, not far from Friedrichstraße station. Its third space, a former garage in central Berlin, has been the site of its investigation into artistic and communicative practice since November 2011.

Stedefreund is currently headed by a team of three: Katja Pudor, managing director, assisted by Anja Maier and Antonia Nordmann.

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City / Town : Berlin
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