Závodská cesta 2844/3, 010 01 Žilina, Slovakia

The cultural center Stanica—located in the building of Zilina-Zariecie, an old but still-operating train station—links together an independent venue, artistic laboratory, and activists’ collective. On the white map of nowadays, we would like to be a cultural node: creative, educative, and critical. We are continuing the story of a small train station, where people used to stop when passing by and share news and experiences from their travels.

Founded in 2003, Stanica is operated by Truc Sphérique, a nongovernmental organization for contemporary arts and culture established in 1998. Stanica is not just another cultural center in the town or region, but a platform for information, research, and the realization of experimental art and cultural and community projects, as well as international and inter-sector communication that leads activities to other institutions. Stanica is a member of Trans Europe Halles, a network of independent cultural centers.

Active or inactive : Active
Country : Slovakia
City / Town : Žilina
Online : Click here
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