Kalkværksvej 5A, DK 8000 Århus DK

A nonprofit artist administrated space in Aarhus showing a high quality contemporary art.The space was established 1998, and has 6 – 8 shows a year, presenting both Danish and international artists. Because of its location and interior The Exhibition Space Spanien19C gives an atmosphere, which calls for experimental productions. The place is as such a catalyst for experimenting and space specific art, as well as performance and avant-garde sound and music productions, which has given the possibility to show new and challenging productions before they appear in the established art world. The exhibition space is a challenge, demanding the artist to identify him/herself with the space, to be new and contemporary) which also gives the possibility for experiments that would not happen in other places. With this in mind it is important for the Exhibition Space Spanien19C to work as an intermediary for experimental, space specific art, which cannot necessarily be reproduced and to give this form of art a place to unfold itself. Spanien19C is not only an exhibitionspace, it is a platform to cultivate new thoughts, a place where subculture and the established art world can meet. It is our goal to give artists possibilities for meeting, to discuss and to exchange thoughts and ideas across the borders of ones particular profession or position and thereby contribute to a vivid and committed art milieu.

Active or inactive : Active
Country : Denmark
City / Town : Århus
Online : Click here
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