Small Projects

Grønnegata 23, 9008 Tromsø, Norway

Small Projects is an artist-run initiative located in the city of Tromsø, right in the center of the Norwegian Arctic. It began as a nomadic art and community project in Manila, The Philippines, involving a group of artists, filmmakers, writers, poets and activists from the University of the Philippines. Now relocated to Tromsø since 2011, Small Projects is housed in a malleable space, white-tiled rooms, high ceilings, stairs that welcome visitors and convert into an ad-hoc auditorium, a small kitchen, fireplace, a bar, a publication and sleeping room, screening room and a sauna.

The spirit of the building, which is owned by the Norwegian Sami Reindeer Herding Association, it’s present location, the Arctic Circle, and the project’s roots, community building and activism in Manila, resonate in each other and drives Small Projects.

Small Projects is founded by artist Jet Pascua.

Active or inactive : Active
Country : Norway
City / Town : Tromsø
Online : Click here
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