Vaidilutės g. 79, Vilnius 10100, Lithuania

Rupert is a centre for Art and Education devoted to establishing close cooperation between artists, thinkers, researchers, and other cultural actors through interdisciplinary programs and residencies. A knowledge-based platform for innovative creative production, Rupert integrates with the social and cultural framework of the city of Vilnius while simultaneously supporting a strong international focus.

Rupert’s mission manifests in three distinct but closely-linked channels: first, the Educational Program offers 8–10 participants the chance to develop project ideas and make connections with professionals in the field through regular lectures and workshops. It provides the invaluable opportunity for collaborative education, forging new international networks. This degreeless, non-academic program is proudly career-oriented and supplemented by its transdisciplinary approach. Rupert’s third educational series begins in October 2014 and will last until end of May 2015.

Second, Rupert offers a Residency Program in which the participants develop their individual projects, giving them the opportunity to immerse themselves in Vilnius. Through collaboration, participants will establish fruitful connections with Rupert’s educational program and the artistic sphere of the region. Rupert’s residencies will provide both Lithuanian and foreign participants with the opportunity to live and work in Vilnius for up to 3 months.

Active or inactive : Active
Country : Lithuania
City / Town : Vilnius
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