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Rund um – german for (all) (a)round, wraparound; orbit, move around

Rundum is an artist-run space based in Tallinn, Estonia, a creative and independent platform run by young artists. It aims to react to gaps in the local art field, creating opportunities to relate to different locations, offering new exhibiting spaces, as well as more flexible and experimental formats. Rundum drives to bring together young people working in different fields of art, in order to foster creative collaboration and mutual exchange of ideas and information. In addition to its exhibiting and performing formats, Rundum also hosts an educational programme of discussions, talks, film screenings and reading circles, focusing on own initiative practices, artist-run spaces in other countries, self employment, art workers living/working conditions and free form education.

Founded in September 2013 in Tallinn, Rundum has already hosted many exhibitions, artist talks, performances, discussions and screenings, and proved itself as an active meeting place. The initiative’s first base was in the Sleeping Beauty Castle (Uus Street 19, Tallinn), but as its name refers, Rundum aims to stay nomadic and turn up in a variety of settings, spreading around the city and interfering with public space, different social environments and experimenting with new ways of showing art.


Active or inactive : Inactive
Country : Estonia
City / Town : Tallin
Online : Click here
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