Regart, centre d’artistes en art actuel

5956 Rue Saint-Laurent, Lévis, QC G6V 3P4, Canada

Rooted in the city of Levis since 1986, the Regart artist centre’s aim is to maintain a dynamic presence of contemporary visual arts for publics from the Chaudière-Appalaches and Quebec City region. Using creative interventions of promotion and dissemination, Regart works on the development and outreach of regional and national professional artists’ practices, while maintaining privileged relations with the community


Artistically, Regart takes a real interest in the hybridization of manners of expression, in the meeting and the mixture of genres. As such, the centre favours the coming together of visual arts with other disciplines, even other means of apprehending contemporary culture. Integrating this hybridization approach in the creation process as well as in the exhibition scenography, Regart wishes to open new perspectives that break away from the more habitual dissemination context.


Shown in the gallery, Regart’s programing sheds light on productions that come from hybridization. Furthermore, the centre supports experimentation and research with special programs that allow the artists to recontextualize their practice.
Through this event held outside the walls, theses infiltration in the public space, these unique and unusual collaborations and publications, Regart opens new diverse thinking grounds, allowing the artists to spread out their artistic intervention field. In so doing, the centre becomes both a location for dissemination and an experimenting zone rethought by the artists and by Regart’s team in each event presented.

Active or inactive : Active
Country : Canada
City / Town : Quebec
Online : Click here
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