75 Victoria Parade Collingwood AU

REARVIEW Gallery and Studios opened in 2008 with generous support from founding board members Hannah Raisin, Ken Shimizu, and Paul Wotherspoon. Past board members have also included Tim Woodward, Darcey Bella Arnold, Louise Dibben and Ramona Lola Angelico.

Since it’s inception, REARVIEW has operated independently and with a constantly evolving model. It has run up to three exhibition spaces and been home to roughly 60 practicing artists across its studios spaces.

REARVIEW has presented a diverse program of emerging and established local, national and international artists, performers and musicians, maintained a predominately proposal based program and supported the VCA Graduate program through its annual exhibition award.

Active or inactive : Inactive
Country : Australia
City / Town : Collingwood
Online : Click here
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