R. do Bolhão 125, 4000-437 Porto, Portugal

Rampa is a non-profit, artist-run exhibition space founded in 2018 in Porto, Portugal. Our work and activities are centered in a space located in Pátio do Bolhão in downtown Porto.

Our goal is to present and promote a range of cultural activities in the city of Porto.

Inspired by the cosmopolitan history of our city, we hope to connect with its diaspora, revisiting old bridges between Porto and the world to give them new visibility, or finding new paths between ours and other cities, preferably across borders.

We intend to award opportunities to the local creative talent, but also to bring to the city the work of international artists and curators. We will collaborate with international individuals and organizations who are interested in showcasing their work in Porto, but also with local expatriates who long for reconnecting with their homeland.

Rampa will remain open to consider ideas and projects that engage contemporary topics in a critical manner. Rampa is committed to exhibit and promote creators who are not favored by the dominant structures, and art tendencies that are seldom showcased in institutional settings.

Active or inactive : Active
Country : Portugal
City / Town : Porto
Online : Click here
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