Quivering in Quarantine

Curated by Molly Stephenson and Iona Mackenzie, Quivering in Quarantine is an inclusive online exhibition that will feature work from artists and writers during the COVID-19 pandemic. This ongoing exhibition aims to showcase, celebrate and explore art within the context of a global pandemic.

We have decided to collaborate on this project as we feel our practises are strongly conceptually aligned and have been affected by the pandemic in similar ways. We have experienced an absence and deficiency of resources, education and studio spaces during this time. Subsequently, the community that supports and nourishes artists has been fractured. We feel that an ongoing online exhibition will help to re-activate not only our own practises, but those of other artists who are also feeling the weight of social isolation, studio shutdowns and gallery closures. This project will help to steer our practises in a direction that is conscious of and responsive to the current global climate.

Quivering in Quarantine is an ongoing digital web project for the duration of the pandemic. Our Instagram @qiq.gallery, has been aesthetically inspired by Kid-Pix, Nintendo 64 and of course, folklore and ecology – creating a virtual world that hinges on community dynamics and pre-pandemic 2000’s nostalgia. The exhibition is and will continue to be curated into volumes – much like a collection of storybooks, in hopes of creating a digital library of artwork and writing.

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