11 Rosemary St, Belfast BT1 1QA, United Kingdom

An artist-led collective, connecting art and society, in the centre of Belfast. We develop and support artists through Paragon Studios. We host project artists and welcome the public to our Project Space.

PS², located in Belfast city centre, has individual studios/ workplaces for currently 10 artists and 3 yearlong residency programmes for a curator/s, a collective and for critical writing, plus a large project space for our public arts programme.

Paragon Studios Ltd, our legal name, was set up by artists, looking for affordable workspace after their MA course as a self-managed, volunteer-run studio collective in 1993.

In 2004 and ever since, a project space in a small shop unit was opened as a platform for art projects and cultural activities which often includes community engaged projects in neighbourhoods and fringe sites in the city and further afield.

The project space was seen as an anti-gallery and non-white cube, as a wild and experimental place for encounters between art production and the public, part exposed workplace, part showroom.

Early on, the experience of isolation and barriers between art and the public, taught us, to directly engage with people/ the publics in their own neighbourhoods through temporary activities in containers, community centres, shops and a community garden/ PeasPark.

Active or inactive : Active
Country : United Kingdom
City / Town : Belfast
Online : Click here
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