Hausmanns gate 51, 0182 Oslo, Norway

PODIUM is an Oslo based artist-run space with a history dating back to 2004. In 2015, the current team took over and reestablished the space. Our curated programme mainly consists of solo presentations by emerging artists based in Norway, interspersed by some group-shows and a series of discursive events: talks, round tables and reading groups. The selection of artists is based on their daring to create spearheading contexts that aim to challenge the potential audiences to rethink their views on society, aesthetics and art. The exhibitions are intertwined in their content with Heresies, a series of talks on pressing issues of today. The curatorial method is based on creating environments for various interactions: such as long-term conversations with actors involved with the space, sharing time, thoughts, efforts and food. This has lead PODIUM to become a space for concordant alignments, friendships and factions.

During these years, through reflections, talks and practice we have developed a particular workflow at PODIUM with a series of questions, recurring in our discussions. What kind of art institutions do our times require? What kind of aesthetic and political agenda and ethics are we promoting with our work? Which strategies should be employed? How to respond to the regional particularities? And what is lacking in Oslo’s cultural fabric? Is there a space for redefining an involved method and exhibition making, lifting weight off artists’ shoulders and mount better mediation towards a potential public?

We have developed a common vision through working shoulder by shoulder, by being responsive to the aspirations and wishes of the artist community and being attentive toward global intellectual thought. We understood that we are defined by being a team of artists sharing the common belief that there should be a platform for reflections around the challenges of our time, both in terms of cultural production and being members of society. This belief is that art is not solely about satisfying eyes or self-enclosure, but also entails opening to the outer world, taking a stance and devote time to confront the pressing issues and injustices of today, to reflect upon and unmask the conditions which cause them, to provoke thought, both through intellect and senses. The current team at PODIUM is Ragnhild Aamås, Ignas Krunglevicus and Ayatgali Tuleubek.

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Country : Norway
City / Town : Oslo
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