Kanaalstraat 195, 1054 XG Amsterdam, Netherlands

Plǝt- is a living room in Amsterdam, host to a series of events focusing on contemporary painting. Functioning as a living and an exhibition space, Plǝt- forms new perspectives on contemporary art through the action of living with the work.

Plǝt- hosts openings, closings and additional programs, with each exhibition documented from the perspective of the tenant, alongside invited contributions. Oscillating between public and private, Plǝt- positions itself within both personal and academic discourses. Exhibiting international artists in Amsterdam, Plǝt- re-examines and utilizes space in the city to its full potential. Existing equally through physical installment, programmed events, and publications, Plǝt- addresses contemporary painting empirically, theoretically and contextually: using the specificity of a given situation as a tool to examine contemporary art.

Active or inactive : Inactive
Country : The Netherlands
City / Town : Amsterdam
Online : Click here
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