PIST/// Interdisciplinary Project Space

Pangalti Dere Sokak 8, Pangalti 34375 Istanbul TR

PiST/// Interdisciplinary Project Space is a nonprofit, independent art space in Istanbul. It has been co-directed by artists Didem Özbek and Osman Bozkurt since May 2006. The space is intentionally set away from the art axis of Istanbul—convenient to reach, as it is still in the European heart of the city, but out of the Beyoglu district.

Özbek and Bozkurt consider the whole process of PiST/// as an art project. Creating a project space in a hybrid neighborhood was the result of the influence of Istanbul’s chaotic daily life on their art practices. Conflicts of public and private space, identity, urban issues, and power relations in art markets and scenes are some of its main interests.

PiST/// not only develops its own projects but also organizes exhibitions, screenings, discussions, publications, and performances by collaborating with art professionals from Turkey and around the world. Such events take place either in the PiST/// spaces or on the street, or even in other cities or countries. In January 2011, PiST/// started an international research and production-in-residency program. The center has also participated in Frieze Art Fair 2008, The Armory Show 2010, and the Festival of Independents at Tate Modern, 2010.

Active or inactive : Inactive
Country : Turkey
City / Town : Istanbul
Online : Click here
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