Basel, Switzerland

Ping Pong is an independent exhibition project for contemporary art, which since 2007 has regularly held exhibitions in Basel, Miami and Los Angeles. This year, the sphere of influence could be extended to Berlin.

Communicating the contents of contemporary art and different cultures is a major concern of the project as well as the creation of contact between artists and the public. Thanks to the ongoing work of Ping Pong, the project is receiving increasing attention at all sites.

The sustainable promotion of the participating artists is one of the goals of Ping Pong. For this reason, it works with a core of artists, which are presented over several years at different locations, to which each changing artist added. In this way, different influences from the different cultures can be included and incorporated into the own work, but also the current development and the zeitgeist in the partner countries can be pursued. It can often be observed that the topics and contents dealt with have parallels and affinities, which are often expressed visually very differently.

Another specialty of Ping Pong is the parallelism to Art Basel and Art Basel Miami. At the same time as the Basel Art Fair, the exhibition will be presented in the Basel project space M54 in June, and will also be moving to the Alfred I. Dupont Building in Miami during the trade fair in December. Afterwards, Ping Pong will appear in Los Angeles with the Los Angeles Art Association.

The participating artists are invited by the initiators of Ping Pong, each with 3-5 works to participate, who are familiar with the local art scene and the environment of other cities. The focus is on the fields of painting, video, sculpture, installations and photography. Closely related to the project is also the punk rock band The Lombego Surfers, which has appeared at the exhibitions since Ping Pong was founded.

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Country : Switzerland
City / Town : Basel
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