P8 Gallery

Ha-Patish St 1, Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel

P8 cooperative gallery was established in 2008 at 8 Poriya street in Jaffa. The power of synergy is at the heart of the group’s approach, stimulating it to advance and progress within the artistic sphere, utilizing personal resources as curating, production and promotion collaboratively. Naturally, the use of personal resources dictates sophisticated and humble conduct. As a non-profit organization, any income (from sales for example) is reinvested in the gallery, either for maintenance or for special projects.

The group is on a constant search for new modes of action and collaborations that would be beneficial, original and innovative.The gallery holds exhibitions of the members as well as other artists and curators.

We are always open to cooperation and new ideas. We encourage artists, galleries, curators and other individuals or institutions to send us proposals and suggestions for collaborative work in and outside the gallery.

Active or inactive : Active
Country : Israel
City / Town : Tel Aviv
Online : Click here
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