Oncurating Project Space

Ausstellungsstrasse 16, 8005 Zürich, Switzerland

The aim of the Oncurating Project Space in Zurich is to provide a platform for new formats in a realm embracing contemporary art, activism, theory, performance, music and curating. We conceive of visual culture as an ensemble of processes in the formation of a society’s social space. As a form of praxis and criticism alike, art provokes thought about society, politics, life and the private sphere by bringing together knowledge from a wide range of disciplines.
The focusses of the OnCurating Project Space are “race”, class, gender politics and, in connection with those themes, migratory movements, post-democracy and infrastructural changes, but also the digital realm and how it impacts society. Ideally, contemporary art, curating and cultural analysis are understood here as a theory of praxis and a praxis of theory. In this context we regard curating as a meta discourse that permits new and freer forms of meaning production while at the same time offering impulses for ongoing critical reflection. With the declared aim of providing a transit space where cooperation with local, national and international projects and partners gives rise to an ever broader network, the new venue is backed by the registered association OnCurating.org as well as artists, filmmakers and curators.At the same time, the proximity to the artists in the Visarte studio building represents a vital link to the Zurich art scene. In analogy to the shared space OnCurating provides on the web for discourse among widely different players, the OnCurating Project Space is intended as a space of possibility that takes a fundamental curatorial stance as a point of departure for cooperation of many different kinds.

Active or inactive : Active
Country : Switzerland
City / Town : Zurich
Online : Click here
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