Oberwelt e.V.

Reinsburgstraße 93, 70197 Stuttgart, Germany

Oberwelt e.V. is an artist-run exhibition and event space in Stuttgart (Germany). The association exists since 1978, organized by different persons and groups. Oberwelt stages exhibitions, projects, events, lectures, workshops and discussions, covering a wide range of contemporary art and art-presentation forms. Mainly non-established artists and groups are supported by shows or presentations in the Oberwelt e.V. The analysis and questioning of current ideas of art, art-business and politics in the area of inter-media and non-commercial art plays a central role, alongside broader explorations of theoretical, sociological and political ideas. Oberwelt e.V. is presentation platform, discussion forum, meeting point and network node for art activists and interested persons in Stuttgart.

Active or inactive : Active
Country : Germany
City / Town : Stuttgart
Online : Click here
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