First Floor, 316-318 Bethnal Green Road London GB

n.o.where run by Karen Mirza and Brad Butler (UK, based in London)
The artist-run initiative n.o.where at the heart of London, is unique in their approach. They combine being a production house for all sorts of analogue film and video while at the same time having a critical dialogue about contemporary image making through their public program. Founded by the artists and filmmakers Karen Mirza and Brad Butler in 2004, n.o.where has a dense discursive programme of critical discussions, performances, screenings, residencies that explore political and aesthetic questions around contemporary image production and systems of distribution. Recent projects include “The Free Cinema School” a contemporary film pedagogy, “Sequence” a new journal of artists writing on the moving image, “Light Reading” a platform for direct discussion between artist and audience and “Image | Event” a platform for critical discourse within the “Image Movement” exhibition at the Centre for Contemporary Art Geneva amongst others. N.o.where offers filmmakers a new platform to discuss their work in a critical, inspiring environment and has stepped into the gap that occurred after the London Filmmakers Coop lost its vibrance.

Mirza and Butler also collaborate on autonomous projects outside the realm of the initiative. “The Museum of Non Participation” is a spatial and conceptual (geo) political structure conceived by the collective Karen Mirza & Brad butler in 2008. The Museum collects and archives a body of actions, gestures, images and objects by the artists and their collaborators wherever and whenever they have found themselves confronting pivotal moments of change, protest, non-alignment and resistance in the public sphere. By bringing these together under the rubric of the museum, the artists question the choice and consequence of action/inaction in any given social space. Most importantly, the museum has developed through co-authorship, forming itself around a constituency of actors that span a divergent array of socio-cultural, economic, class and geographical boundaries.

Active or inactive : Inactive
Country : United Kingdom
City / Town : London
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