Libertad 430, Santiago, Región Metropolitana, Chile

Creation and Residency Center

NAVE is a Creation and Residency Center devoted to Dance and the Artes Vivas, located at the Yungay neighborhood, at the center of Santiago, Chile, in an old patrimonial house built in the 20th century and recovered by the architect Smiljan Radic. Our mission relies on giving value to the creation by supporting the artists in their creative processes regardless of the phase of their investigation, as well as in their development and internationalization. Our project positions itself as a laboratory for the experimentation based on investigation residencies, technical residencies and the premier of co-produced performances. The center is 2000m2 and has rehearsing rooms, a house for the artists, a Black Box with professional and flexible conditions, and a staff dedicated to accompany and offer advice in every stage of the artist’s process. Up to date we have benefited over 480 artists from all over the world.

NAVE features various spaces suitable to house diverse kinds of activities, rehearsals, play exhibitions, openings of creative processes, releases, conferences, talks, seminars and cultural or academic meetings, concerts, events, audiovisual projections and private or corporative activities.

Promotion abroad of national creators

We are devoted in the promotion and circulation of national artists in order to establish a link with cultural agents, markets and distribution platforms at an international level. We work as a mediation and promotion agency not only of performances but also of the artists and their diverse means of participation in artistic platforms, throughout crossed residency programs and alliances with international organisms. In this work line, NAVE has curated the first two dance focuses of contemporary Chilean dance abroad: Festival DañsFabrik (Brest, France) in 2017, and Sâlmon Festival (Barcelona, Spain) in 2018.

Platform for South American artists

Since our opening in September of 2015, we have established ourselves as a platform that bonds and disseminates the work of South American artists, strengthening the exchange and the crosses within a regional level. We develop residencies, laboratories and cycles (Dance Cycle OtroSur) which hosts artists and participants from diverse countries in the region. We reinforce the support for the creation and organize encounters based on investigation, the dialogue and the artistic practices among artists, promoting this way visibility of the performing arts in South America to the world, and also by generating links between artists and diverse institutions and festivals around the globe.

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