Museo d’Inverno

Via Pian D'Ovile, 29, 53100 Siena SI, Italy

MUSEO d’INVERNO, was born in 2016. Reflecting on the unpublished or unofficial “stories” behind Art History fulfils the need for a direct understanding and enjoyment of contemporary art brought to visitors in a straightforward and immediate way. In keeping with this principle, Md’I invites artists to choose and curate a selection of works by other artists from their own private collections to highlight relationships marking key moments and elements in their careers, lives and philosophies. The project Diòspero also asks the invited artist to design a site-specific piece or work to enhance and transform the museum’s aesthetic and functional aspect, thus adding to our permanent collection. Conceived and directed by the artists Francesco Carone and Eugenia Vanni, Md’I is located above the basin of the 14th-century fountain known as Fonte Nuova and exists through the support of the Lupa Contrada, one of Siena’s 17 neighbourhood associations.

Active or inactive : Active
Country : Italy
City / Town : Siena
Online : Click here
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