Rožna dolina cesta II/36 Ljubljana SI

MoTA- Museum of Transitory Art is a platform dedicated to research and production of transitory, temporary, experimental and live contemporary art. With MoTA we redefine the entity MUSEUM and explorenew possibilities in politics of representation (mobile exhibitions, live art, sound art, art in public space, site-specific, workshops etc) and archiving (artist talk, Mediatheque, online virtual museum). MoTA stands for a continued examination of creative processes and representations of contemporary art and culture. With its diverse and transdisciplinary program it focuses on various subjects of our present in context of art, technology and culture. MoTA doesn’t want only to represent visual, sound, conceptual and other art, but to produce new ideas, actions and reactions. MoTA is active on the crossroad of institutional (local and international partners) and public space; art projects, presented within its program, are shown in various environments with the aim of reaching diverse public, are either locally- globally referential or are on the other hand developed deliberately for a chosen spatial context. MoTA aims to explore and present art, where transitoriness is no longer bounded by temporariness or time itself, but which mirrors the transition between various social and mental spaces. Its structure allows it to question production and representation in both physical and media realities.

Active or inactive : Active
Country : Slovenia
City / Town : Ljubljana
Online : Click here
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