Mint Works

Marrakesh, Morocco

Founded in 2013 by Jean Feline, Florence Devereux and Hermione Skye O’Hea, Mint Works held one of the first programs of art residencies in Marrakech. They have been supported by partners as Marrakech Biennial and other cultural actors in the city, such as Le18, Dar Al’Mamun, Save Cinemas in Morocco and others.

For the last three years, Mint Works has been creating experimental artist-run spaces in Marrakech for young artists to engage in cross-cultural dialogue and interfaith conversation, to strengthen a network of support between Europe and North Africa and to create exhibitions and happenings that respond to the vibrant soul of the city.

With special emphasis on supporting young emerging Moroccan artists and a focus on critical debate and cooperative practice, Mint Works has become a net work of local and international artists and a mobile platform, creating pop up events rooted in the life of the city.

Inactive since 2016

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Country : Morocco
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