Weteringschans 69, 1017 RZ Amsterdam, Netherlands

Est. 2018

In January 2018 we were asked to design a new concept for the gallery on the Weteringschans 69, now called MINA. 

In order to create a new concept, we explored the gallery scene in Amsterdam from the 19th century until 2018 and the history of the Weteringschans 69. After this analysis we started to ask ourselves how this gallery, MINA, could manifest itself within the gallery scene in Amsterdam and how it could speak towards our own generation, Generation Y. 


Collectivism, Anti-Style, Experimental, Spontaneous and Anti-Intellectual. The core values on which Art Room MINA lives by while creating different projects. MINA’s projects represent Amsterdam’s young art culture and revolves around a wide range of different topics.

Active or inactive : Inactive
Country : The Netherlands
City / Town : Amsterdam
Online : Click here
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