Margaris Foundation

4 Georgiou Stavrou Str. 54623 Thessaloniki GR

Margaris Foundation/Les Yper Yper is about the process of creativity, art production, and exhibition making. We want to bring this process closer to the mainly non-specialised public and give artists the opportunity to exhibit outside – or in parallel to – the global art system. The Foundation is run by a collective of artists, curators, designers and filmmakers who believe that art is a fun experience for everyone involved and are willing to do anything, undertake all steps necessary, towards the materialisation of our ideas and projects – from the most creative to the most menial tasks. Our projects can be exhibitions, residencies, talks, or workshops for artists or the public of all ages. We
work with artists, curators, collectors, institutions: public, private, alternative or established. We love broadening our horizons and expanding our practice.

Inactive since 2010

Active or inactive : Inactive
Country : Greece
City / Town : Thessaloniki
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