Looiersgracht 60

Looiersgracht 60, 1016 VT Amsterdam, Netherlands

Looiersgracht 60 is a non-profit exhibition centre for art, design and architecture. Located in the heart of Amsterdam’s 19th-century industrial area, this former cardboard and bottling plant has evolved into a dynamic space with a thoroughly contemporary function. Embodying the productive spirit of the factory, Looiersgracht 60 seeks principally to connect ideas, approaches and methodologies from various disciplines into a select programme of relevant and thought-provoking exhibitions. With its distinct focus on the interface and cross-pollination between disciplines, the project space aims to work with research-based art projects that explore diverse issues and ideas from the humanities and the natural and social sciences.

Being both artist-driven and curated in close collaboration with the participating artists, each exhibition held at Looiersgracht 60 offers a unique and situation-specific sensibility. The chiefly solo exhibitions are always created with a strong commitment to the artist and his or her creative process.

Often accompanied by a well-crafted publication and supported by a series of educational events, these exhibitions form the starting point of a wider artistic dialogue. Through its rich and varied programme of exhibitions, talks and collaborative events, Looiersgracht 60 provides Dutch and international artists, designers, architects and curators – both established and emerging – with an important platform to challenge the foundations of contemporary art and society.

Active or inactive : Active
Country : The Netherlands
City / Town : Amsterdam
Online : Click here
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