Ljudmila Art and Science Laboratory

Rimska cesta 8 Ljubljana SI

Ljudmila—Ljubljana Digital Media Lab was initiated in 1994 by a group of new media artists and activists, living and working in Ljubljana within the new media program at the Open Society Institute—Slovenia. Since 2000, Ljudmila has operated in the framework of KUD France Prešeren. In 2010, Ljudmila Art and Science Laboratory was established as an independent association.

Today Ljudmila is a well-equipped digital media lab that focuses on digital production, research, and development of hardware and software, as well as education. It also provides knowledge, equipment, internet access, server space, electronic publishing, and other affordable networking services to non-governmental and nonprofit organizations, art collectives, active individuals, and others.

Ljudmila was a member of the European Cultural Backbone (ECB) initiative and the regional media centres A.Network (together with Mama in Zagreb, Pro.ba in Sarajevo, and Kuda.org in Novi Sad). In 2004, it became a founding member of the M3C Multimedia Centres Network of Slovenia. From 2005 to 2010, it also acted as a public leader for the project Creative Commons Slovenia and was a member of the international networks Creative Commons and Communia. In 2011, this public role was passed to the newly established Ljudmila Art and Science Laboratory.

Active or inactive : Active
Country : Slovenia
City / Town : Ljubljana
Online : Click here
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