Mokyklos g. 21A, Vilnius 08413, Lithuania

The Lithuanian Interdisciplinary Artists’ Association (LeTMeKoo), established as a non-governmental public organisation in 1997, is an artist-run organisation that has more than 100 members and belongs to the Lithuanian Art Creators’ Association. The association unites both young and acclaimed artists who received the Lithuanian National Art and Culture Prize, other awards and participated in the Venice Biennale, other prominent international and local exhibitions. It is the only organisation run by artists and curators in Lithuania that has been consistently active for more than a decade already. It organizes and produces exhibitions, events, and residencies, publishes various publications and represents artists in various socio-political situations. Although the association’s name in Lithuanian resembles those of the creative unions established in the Soviet era, it has no inherited bureaucratic structure, and is thus able to flexibly respond to today’s situation of the Lithuanian art scene and flirt with it.

It has always been a virtual organisation (without premises) and organized its projects in various spaces like Kablys (“The Hook”, the former Railway Workers’ Culture Palace in Vilnius), military barracks in the Northern Town district of Vilnius, the Contemporary Art Centre, the Ministry of Fluxus (a government-sponsored artist studio complex in Central Vilnius), and in public spaces. Since 2014, the association has established a gallery-project space that is run all year-round (2014-2015 „Malonioji 6“, 2016-2019 „Sodų 4“). It fills the gap of artist-organized shows in Vilnius, Lithuania. It invites curators, artists from LTMKS and elsewhere for collaborations, and sites performances, screenings, workshops, other unexpected actions.

Active or inactive : Active
Country : Lithuania
City / Town : Vilnius
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